Dynamilis helps children improve their handwriting
Based on years of scientific research, Dynamilis is the application that helps 5 to 12 years old write better.
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Discover Dynamilis!

Handwriting issues affect up to 25% of children aged 5 to 12. They have a tremendous impact on their education and daily lives (loss of self-confidence, difficulty focusing, fatigue).

Dynamilis aims to help children improve their handwriting in a fun and personalised way.

In-depth handwriting analysis in record time

Our analysis breaks down handwriting into four fundamental aspects constituting a handwriting profile for each individual (static, speed, pressure and slant). Based on the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, the analysis allows us to obtain the child's precise handwriting profile in a few steps.


Customised training activities

Dynamilis offers fun activities that allow children to practice the fundamental aspects of writing while having fun! The application recommends activities according to the analyses made.

Follow the progress

Keep track of your child's improvement on a weekly basis. Various levels of detail are available and many explanations are given so that everyone can understand how a child is assessed.


Why use a tablet?

Despite the fact that the surface of a tablet differs from that of paper, studies show that writing difficulties transfer from one surface to the other. As a result, the tablet is a perfect medium for far more precise handwriting analysis.