Years of research into an application
Dynamilis is the result of many years of scientific research. Since the beginning of the project in 2017, numerous publications have been written in renowned international scientific journals. Come and discover them!
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21 february 2020
Expanding the spectrum of dysgraphia: a data-driven strategy for estimating handwriting quality
Thibault Asselborn, Mateo Chapatte & Pierre Dillenbourg
31 august 2018
Automated human-level diagnosis of dysgraphia using a consumer tablet
Thibault Asselborn, Thomas Gargot, Lukasz Kidzinski, Wafa Johal, David Cohen, Caroline Jolly, Pierre Dillenbourg
23 february 2021
The transferability of handwriting skills: from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet
Thibault Asselborn, Wafa Johal, Bolat Tleubayev, Zhanel Zhexenova, Pierre Dillenbourg, Catherine McBride, Anara Sandygulova
23 february 2021
A child-robot interaction treatment for severe dysgraphia
Thomas Gargot, Thibault Asselborn, Ingrid Zammouri, Julie Brunelle, Wafa Johal, Pierre Dillenbourg, Dominique Archambault, Mohamed Chetouani, David Cohen, Salvatore M. Anzalone