Years of research into an application
Dynamilis is the result of many years of scientific research. Since the beginning of the project in 2017, numerous publications have been written in renowned international scientific journals. Come and discover them!
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12 june 2019
The Dynamics of Handwriting Improves the Automated Diagnosis of Dysgraphia
Konrad Zolna, Thibault Asselborn, Caroline Jolly, Laurence Casteran, Marie-Ange Nguyen-Morel, Wafa Johal, Pierre Dillenbourg
11 september 2020
Acquisition of handwriting in children with and without dysgraphia: A calculated approach
Thomas Gargot, Thibault Asselborn, Hugues Pellerin, Ingrid Zammouri, Salvatore M. Anzalone, Laurence Casteran, Wafa Johal, Pierre Dillenbourg, David Cohen, Caroline Jolly
17 october 2019
Learning By Collaborative Teaching: An Engaging Multi-Party CoWriter Activity
Laila El Hamamsy, Wafa Johal, Thibault Asselborn, Jauwairia Nasir, Pierre Dillenbourg
18 october 2019
CoWriting Kazakh: Transitioning to a New Latin Script using Social Robots
Anton Kim, Meruyert Omarova, Adil Zhaksylyk, Thibault Asselborn,Wafa Johal, Pierre Dillenbourg, Anara Sandygulova