Alphabet Expedition

The goal of this handwriting activity is to internalize letter sequences through different variations. By engaging different sensory channels (tactile, kinesthetic, visual), the writing process is varied and, as a result, becomes more automated.

Required material

Pencils, scissors, craft glue, sand / shaving foam, dice (or create your own using the template), printed templates (see resources below).

Resources to print

How to play

Decide what you want to practice: letters, words, or sentences.

Position your character(s) at the starting point in the top-left corner of the game board.

Roll the numbered dice to determine your next move. The number rolled on the dice indicates how many squares your token may advance forward.

Now it’s time to write, depending on what you decided to practice. For example, if you are on the “Dd” square, you can write on a paper:

If your turn ends on a robot, take a break from writing and engage in some physical activities like squats, running around the table, or jumping rope to keep things lively.

Landing on the submarine or helicopter allows your token to leap forward to the indicated square, making swift progress. However, if your turn ends on the wolf or scooter, it's time to take a step back and move your token to the corresponding square.

The player who reaches the “goal square” first emerges as the victor of this alphabet adventure!

Optional - Writing variations using the activity-dice

Build the activity-dice using the template. It tells you what to do when writing. Experiment with different ways to practice your writing skills.

Write on lines for precision.

Use a water jug, bottle, or pipette to form letters (perfect for outdoor play or in a washbasin).

Try writing in the air, challenging your muscle memory.

Write with your eyes closed to sharpen your tactile perception.

Let yourself be guided, perhaps by a partner or a blindfolded friend.

Write into materials like sand, shaving foam, or water with your finger, providing a sensory experience while practicing letters, words, or sentences.