Car Trip

The aim of this handwriting activity is to practice a fluent stroke. It is important that the wrist rests relaxed on the paper and the pencil is held loosely. The pencil should be moved along the lines as smoothly as possible, without interruptions. The child may speed up as long as he or she can control the movements. Fluent strokes are important for automated and fast writing. When writing, the speed and movements must always be adapted to form the individual letters.

Required material

Colored pencils, paper clip, printed templates (see resources below).

Resources to print

How to play

Rev up your imagination and embark on a pen-driven exploration of the city! Put the paperclip onto the paper and drive it with a pen. Navigate the streets and avenues, adapting your speed skillfully. How fast can you go without veering off the road?

Ready for a two-driver challenge? Test your skills in avoiding collisions as you and a friend steer your pens through the bustling city streets.