Cocktail Creation

The aim of this activity is to train finger dexterity and movements. The fine motor movement ability of individual fingers is very important for the development of a loose pen posture and familiar writing movement. For sufficient finger dexterity, children need to develop an awareness of the individual fingers and master isolated partial movements. For fast and fluent writing, small, precise movements from the fingers are crucial. Therefore, it is important to focus on the precise movements of the fingers when doing this activity.

Required material

Fruit, wooden skewers, colored paper, colored pencils, scissors, glue.

How to play

Fancy mixing up your very own cocktail? Choose your favorite fruit, wash and slice them, and squeeze the citrus fruit. Mix all the fruit together and add a splash of water.

Here's a recipe for a refreshing pineapple juice to get you started (for 1 liter / 33 fl oz):

Now it's time to take your creativity up a notch by building a cocktail umbrella! Begin by drawing a circle on the colored paper (approximately 8cm / 3 inches in diameter) – you can use a compass or a cup as a template. Cut out the circle and decorate it however you like. Challenge yourself to add intricate details for finger movement practice. Cut the circle once to the middle and glue the edges together. Flip the umbrella, add a drop of glue to the center, and securely attach the wooden skewer.

Now you've got your very own cocktail umbrella to top off your refreshing drink!