The goal of this handwriting activity is to consciously notice and adjust the pressure applied with the pen. Discuss with your child the difference between very strong and very weak pressure and find out together the optimal pen pressure for writing. Improving control over the pressure contributes to writing that is more fluent, enhances the quality of the script, and reduces the stress on the hand and finger joints.

Required material

Colored pencils, printed templates (see resources below).

Resources to print

How to play

In this engaging artistic game for at least two players, the objective is to test your creativity and observation skills.

Without revealing it to the other player, select an object from the template and carefully cut it out, leaving some white space around the object. Alternatively, unleash your creativity by drawing and cutting out your very own object.

Lay your chosen creation flat on the white area of the template, then meticulously trace its outlines with your pencil, ensuring a consistently firm pressure for a clear, crisp outline. Pass the paper to your fellow player, whose challenge is to correctly guess the object you've crafted.

Can they successfully identify the object as they color it evenly with the colored pencil tip, ensuring there aren't any gaps? If they do, they earn a well-deserved point!

The player with the most points at the end of the game emerges as the victor, proving their artistic and deduction skills.