Fruit Mix

The aim of this activity is to train finger dexterity and movements. The fine motor movement ability of individual fingers is very important for the development of a loose pen posture and familiar writing movement. For sufficient finger dexterity, children need to develop an awareness of the individual fingers and master isolated partial movements, for example the tweezer grip (thumb and index finger). For fast and fluent writing, small, precise movements from the fingers are crucial. Therefore, it is important to focus on the precise movements of the fingers.

Required material

Tissue paper, paper, colored pencils, scissors, craft glue, printed templates (see resources below).

Resources to print

How to play

Start by cutting out the robot and remove the two orange circles. Now, get ready to take control of your robot! Place your thumb and index finger of your writing hand into the holes.

Let's make some colorful tissue paper balls together! Tear up small pieces of different colored tissue paper, matching them to various fruit. Then, using your thumb, index, and middle finger, shape these pieces into balls.

Ball throwing

Tweezer grip

Assist your trusty robot in mixing up some fruit juice! Use a tweezer grip (thumb and index finger) to pick up different tissue paper balls one by one and place them in your hand.