Labyrinth Adventure

The goal of this handwriting activity is to practice strength in the hands and fingers. An appropriate amount of strength is crucial in writing and fine motor skills, as it has a direct influence on the accuracy, control and efficiency of movements. This activity requires precise control of muscle strength to perform small movements in a controlled manner. In writing, appropriate pressure adjustment improves writing quality and relieves pressure on the hand and finger joints.

Required material

Pencil, soft surface (e.g. carpet, felt, foam rubber), printed templates (see resources below).

Resources to print

How to play

Place the labyrinth on a soft surface like a carpet and prepare to embark on a journey of imagination. Solve the labyrinth's twists and turns using a pencil, but imagine you're gracefully swimming underwater. Apply just enough pressure to the pencil to follow the path without tearing the paper.

Choose an aquatic animal to be your guide. Collect all the creatures of the same species as you navigate the labyrinth. When you encounter your chosen animal, press the pencil firmly enough to create a hole in the paper. If you're feeling creative, design your own labyrinth and populate it with your own underwater creatures.