Water Challenge

The goal of this activity is to practice strength in the hands and fingers. An appropriate amount of strength is crucial in writing and fine motor skills, as it has a direct influence on the accuracy, control and efficiency of movements. This activity requires precise control of muscle strength to perform small movements in a controlled manner. In writing, appropriate pressure adjustment improves writing quality and relieves pressure on the hand and finger joints.

Required material

Syringe, water food coloring, plastic folder, dice (or create your own using the template), printed templates (see resources below).

Resources to print

How to play

Put the underwater picture inside a plastic folder and give each player a pipet or syringe. For an added touch of vibrancy, you can add food coloring to the water.

Now, select a unique aquatic animal for each player, and let the dice dictate your fate. Taking turns, roll the dice, and based on the number revealed, add the corresponding number of drops of water to your own aquatic creatures. For example, if the dice unveils a two, put one drop of water upon two of your chosen animals.

To add a twist to the game, when a six is rolled, seize the opportunity to dry up to three drops from another player's aquatic creature using a cloth.

The player who manages to completely cover all their chosen animals with a drop of water emerges as the ultimate underwater champion.