Water Drop Fun

The goal of this activity is to practice strength in the hands and fingers. An appropriate amount of strength is crucial in writing and fine motor skills, as it has a direct influence on the accuracy, control and efficiency of movements. The activity below require precise control of muscle strength to perform small movements in a controlled manner. In writing, appropriate pressure adjustment improves writing quality and relieves pressure on the hand and finger joints.

Required material

Syringe, water food coloring, plastic folder, printed templates (see resources below).

Optional: straw, cotton wool, glue, and a wooden skewer.

Resources to print

How to play

To embark on this underwater journey, start by securing the labyrinth within a plastic folder. Using a syringe or your own pipet (see below), carefully release drops of colored water onto the submarine.

Now, the real challenge begins as you navigate the submarine through the labyrinth by moving the plastic folder. If the water drops get smaller along the way, don't worry. Simply add another drop to keep the adventure flowing smoothly.

For those seeking a greater challenge, select an aquatic animal from the labyrinth and aim to collect them all while successfully guiding your submarine to the exit.

Optional - Create your own pipet

Let's create your own pipet for some watery excitement. Gather a straw, cotton wool, glue, and a wooden skewer. Attach cotton wool to one end of the skewer using craft glue, then insert the skewer with cotton wool into the straw. Submerge the straw in water, and as you gently pull the wooden skewer upwards, water should fill the straw.

When you carefully push the skewer through the straw, water droplets will fall.