Shape Showdown

The goal of this handwriting activity is to train finger flexibility. It is important to focus on the finger movements. The pen should lie loosely in the hand and the wrist should be placed on the table. Through movements from the fingers, the pen and its angle is also changed automatically. This leads to a relaxed pen posture and a fluency in the writing movement. With a relaxed pen posture, the fingers and wrist take control of the pen, fewer muscles are involved and the child tires less quickly when writing.

Required material

Colored pencils, printed templates (see resources below).

Resources to print

How to play

Get ready for an exciting two-player adventure where each player wields a colored pencil! Before the game begins, both players should pick their favorite colored pencil.

The main objective is to successfully draw the right shape three times consecutively in either a row, column, or diagonal within a hot air balloon. Once achieved, the player earns the reward of drawing a matching balloon in their chosen color.

Players take turns rolling the dice with shapes. Depending on the dice roll, they draw the corresponding shape within a specific hot air balloon box using their chosen colored pencil. If the dice lands on a robot, the player can select any shape they like.

If a player rolls a shape and all the boxes are already filled in, they are granted another roll.

The game finishes when there is no space left to add another shape. The player who has drawn on the most balloons when the game ends is declared the winner!