Stability of the azimuth angle

During automated writing, the azimuth angle around a fixed position changes automatically according to the written form of the letter. A stable azimuth angle means that the pen tip maintains a consistent orientation during writing and does not tilt or rotate excessively to the side.

The change in the azimuth angle can be compared to sideways movements of the pen (left and right), such as in horizontal strokes. It is also always proportional to the font size. The smaller the writing, the smaller the change in the azimuth angle should be to ensure appropriate legibility. Children who tend to write larger letters will thus exhibit larger changes in this angle relative to the font size.

If the azimuth angle hardly changes or remains constant, the pen is held at the same tilt throughout. This can lead to hand cramps and quicker fatigue. Therefore, it is important to have certain changes in the azimuth angle to achieve a natural writing movement. A relaxed pen grip with targeted finger movements promotes this writing motion.