In-depth handwriting analysis

The analysis creates a complete handwriting profile for a child by studying a sample of their handwriting on the tablet. Thousands of data points are examined to determine the child's strengths and weaknesses.


How to do the analysis?

To do the analysis, the child should:

- Be seated comfortably, with the tablet placed on a table in front of them

- Put their hand on the tablet while writing, as if the tablet is a sheet of paper

- Write in their usual style (cursive, script or a combination of both)

It is not necessary to copy all the text during the last step, younger children can write only the first line.

How are the analysis scores calculated?

When a child completes the analysis, their handwriting is compared to thousands of other children of the same age and gender. The scores allow the given child to be placed in relation with other children.

The features below are used to create the child's handwriting profile, but dozens more are used to calculate their score.